About Us

OUR Story

Covenant Roleplay was founded from members of other communities that came together to create something incredibly special. All of our active staff have been role playing on FiveM for quite sometime and created this community to do things a little differently.

Our community is hyper focused on creating great roleplay. We want our players to be considerate of others in creating scenarios so that they are fun and beneficial for all the parties involved. We’ve built a set of rules that are unique to our sever needs.

We wanted to create a community that would give back to players by providing quality roleplay experiences AND make sure their voices are heard. We have a fairly large community so far, but are seeking new active members to come join in our fun.

We launched on 11/22/2019 with a fully developed sever, minor issues, a full DOJ system, whitelisted jobs and a community of 70 members and growing everyday.