Server Rules

FiveM Server Rules

  • No player will RDM or VDM another player. Initiating a shootout or running someone over with a vehicle with the intent to kill with little to no roleplay involved is unacceptable.
  • Hacking and exploits are prohibited. 
  • Frequent blatant rule breaking and being toxic overall on the server will result in a ban.
  • All characters MUST be a custom character, no default model characters will be allowed.
  • Players are required to stay in-character at ALL times. No OOC conversation will happen in-game unless explicitly asked by an admin. If a player must go OOC, please use the CRP OOC Discord channel.
  • Meta gaming is prohibited, fully bannable first offence. You wouldn’t want your storyline ruined for others so don’t do it to other people. 
  • If a disagreement between players occurs over rules or otherwise must be RP’d out as much as possible before calling an Admin over the dispute. Please finish your scenario before calling a mod or admin. 
  • Players can’t transfer assets to another player without prior IC reasoning. “Asset dumping” to another player, if you plan to leave the server, is not allowed. If you are planning to permadeath a character, make sure you have a Last Will and everything is in order if you plan on passing any assets on. 
  • No loitering, this isn’t VRChat! Plan an event, go dirt biking, go to the beach, but don’t sit around talking in a circle in a single place for long periods of time not RPing.
  • Do not hide in a house or apartment (instance) to avoid an active roleplay scene.
  • Players are not allowed to have a character in the same group/gang. 
  • Players must be over the age of 18 to participate on the server. No exceptions. 
  • ERP is allowed within reason between consenting adults and may not be streamed.
  • Players are not allowed to “combat log” when downed to prevent loss of items and/or to avoid punishment.
  • Power gaming and must win attitudes are not allowed here, this is about roleplay at the end of the day not who wins. 
  • Abusing game rules or mechanics to get ahead (failRP/power gaming) is prohibited.
  • Players must register in the CAD system, failure to register will result in a temporary ban.  


Discord Rules & Player Harassment

  • Respect other members, we are a family. Racism, sexism, hateful speech is not tolerated. 
  • No Griefing. Do not continually attack or target a player over and over again if a problem has already previously been resolved via RP. 
  • No sexual harassment or rape RP. Period.
  • No harassment or speaking ill of other players out of character in Discord and/or while streaming. 


Roleplay Realism

  • Fear RP. If your character is held at gunpoint, don’t run away, play out the scenario with your captors. 
  • Value your life. Treat your life as if you have no respawns left, your life is important so  protect it. 
  • Try to be as realistic as possible in your RP and follow the guidelines you have set for your character. 
  • Players MUST RP in the most realistic way possible! For example, if you are in a car chase and jump your car off a bridge you must stop once you land because your car can no longer function in real life situations. Or if you are being chased by police and get away, a criminal wouldn’t circle around again to see where police are. These scenarios are completely unrealistic and must be avoided. 
  • If you are hurt and RP as being hurt, you must RP those injuries. Your character wouldn’t be able to run if you have a broken leg or have a head injury. If you have a head injury you must RP that head injury, if an EMS says you must be watched by someone else, follow what the EMS or Doctor says. 
  • Drive realistically in the city, you wouldn’t go 110 in Los Angeles streets, don’t do it in Los Santos.
  • Do not intentionally jump off of buildings unless you are planning to permadeath a character. 
  • Masks and LEO/EMS uniforms cannot be worn in everyday life. 


New Life Rule (NLR)

  • A player must abide by the New Life Rules when downed or respawned at a hospital. 
  • If you are shot or stabbed and can see the person (mask or not), the player may only remember clothing and the area which incident occurred, but not an exact location. 
  • If death is caused by falling or fighting, players can’t remember due to concussion. 
  • If player wakes up at a hospital, they have no recollection of what happened beginning and up through the entire scenario of how the player respawned. 


Emergency Services

  • Do not steal emergency vehicles of any kind. 
  • Do not “cop bait”, driving around the police station to get them to chase or actively harassing police is prohibited.
  • LEO’s may not be robbed of any of their weapons.
  • When downed, do NOT force respawn unless you absolutely have to. Allow EMS, Police or other players try to resolve through roleplay. 
  • Low level police and EMS corruption is allowed under sergeant and doctor level only. Above these ranks corruption is not allowed. 
  • The selling of PD weapons is not allowed, if caught, it will result in firing and player will not allowed back in PD. Allowed to make an appeal after 30 days. 
  • LEO’s are encouraged to give tickets to players standing around not moving from a single location for extended periods of time, “loitering”. 


Criminal Activity

  • EMS and LEO can only be kidnapped if 4+ LEO are on duty. Is no cops are on duty, EMS cannot be kidnapped. 
  • Hostages cannot be held longer than 30 min unless the scenario progresses and all parties involved are pleased with the scenario
  • You can’t kidnap or rob the same player repeatedly, this can be classified as griefing. 
  • Players can only be robbed of their belongings and money on their character and not their bank account. 
  • Motorcycles may not be parked inside of a building.
  • Only 4 criminals/gang members are allowed to commit crime together at one time (robbery, lookout, driver, etc). 
  • There must be:
    1 officer to hold up a shop owner AND/OR rob houses.
    2 officers on duty to do a jewelry/store robbery AND/OR kidnap a civilian.
    5 officers for Fleeca Bank and Pacific Standard.
    6 officers for the Humane Labs heist.
  • If LEO’s/criminals/gang members have a shooter in the bushes/across the street, they are required to announce their presence so it isn’t considered RDM. 
  • If an officer responds to a Turf War event area, they may be shot on sight. 
  • Do not garage your vehicle if you are in a chase to avoid punishment from the police.
  • Any and all conflict MUST be initiated verbally.
  • Gang jumping: If you leave a gang you have to wait 3 weeks to join another gang.
  • Max gangs in the city: 4. 7 total members in a gang total.
  • Shooting outside of cars while driving is unrealistic, drivebys can only be done with RP prior AND going 20MPH. Shooting from car to car can only be done at 50MPH or lower. 


Streaming Rules

  • Twitch TOS and Community Guidelines are to be followed at all times. 
  • ERP may be streamed with full consent from both parties, but must fall within the Twitch TOS. 
  • Stream sniping and metagaming will NOT be tolerated, first offense is your last offense, we take this very seriously. 
  • Speaking ill of other players, servers, admins/owners on stream is not allowed. If there is an issue with someone, please put in a support ticket so we can look into the issue further. 
  • Players are not allowed to clip other players streams to use against them in an admin issue. 
  • Using clips or highlights as evidence in RP, you will need to be using one of the following: The in-game cellphone, camcorder or a clothing item that resembles a “body cam” on your character. Dashcam is allowed only if the camera is facing front and you are in the vehicle.